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The Nanogen approach to thinning hair is based on a simple 4 step protocol. The 4 steps highlight the most important aims of men and women with thinning hair.

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Consumers are flooded with hair loss prevention products and miracle cures. Unfortunately, most of potions out there just do not work. And, unfortunately, millions of men and women suffer from hair loss. It can do serious damage to your self-esteem, makes you aware of how to perform common tasks, such as a trip to the store. In men, it is called male pattern hair loss (or MPB), while the women, called female pattern hair loss (or FPB).

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Teenager speak about suffering from hair loss in India

Teenager speak out about hair loss and how it makes them feel, as the media makes them even more insecure about the way they look, by portraying glamorous men and women, thin, with perfectly air brushed skin and hair. No wonder college and school children feel the pressure of having everything perfectly in place, including their hair. When Deepa started seeing hair around the house, she blamed her mother. Then she realsised it was her own, and at 15 this made her very conscious and herself esteemed took a nose dive. We decided to take a survey of young people from all over India and have placed some of the comments for those of us who may want to read them.

I started losing at 15-16, at 17 it really looked freakish, I thought sh**, why is this happening to me?. I guess it´s not getting worse and been the same since, but now I’m kind a used to the idea a few years later it´s not as shocking as it was then.

Raj Vekaria  Ludhiana India

Actually I started noticing the receding at 20, but there is a young guy I know who is still in school he has a bald patch on the crown, he is only 16. Poor guy...

Kareem Patel    Surat  Gujarat India

 Well when i noticed mine it was when I was at 22 but it must have really started a bit earlier I just didn’t realize it. my hair just thinned out all over ... no receding or crown... kind a sucks as now just having turned 24 i wouldn’t wish this on any young guy as I couldn’t have imagined dealing with this back in  my school days... now being out of college it’s a lil easier to deal with. In college the pressure to be attractive is too much

Joseph P    Mumbai Maharashtra India

I began losing my hair at 17, right before high school graduation. Man was that a low point in time for me. just started, one day it was ok , the next day, hair was com in out in the shower and when I brushed. How messed up? I was soooo embarrassed, my mum said it was ok, but what would she know!

Ananya Pithwa   Bangalore India

My hairline started receding when I was around 15! I used to have really thick hair, I loved gel styles, but then after I reached 15 it started to look a little weird coz i had strange shape of hair on top on both sides and flat on top.

When I got to 17 my hair cutter advised me that long hair makes my hair loss more visible, now I have a short hair style, it works! It is actually cool, but I am still worried when I get older what will happen

Mooneshwar Khimji  Pune India

When I saw my friends with hair loss, I really felt sorry for them, I never thought it would happen to me, and boy what a shock it was. I kept wearing a base ball cap for months, even at events. I think the worst thing about hair loss is that it makes me look old. I hate it!! I am trying different oils but none of them really working: (

Soheil Ibraheem   Mumbai India

At the moment I am 20, but when the hair began to thin I was 19, I went to a big brand hair clinic , they took Rs 350 just to meet me, then wrote down all the medication that I need and asked me to buy from the counter, it was a total of Rs 2,670 per month! My Parents agreed to pay but afar two months there is no difference, this is even worse and I am stressing more, to top it all my girl friend gave up on me and left, could anyone be even more down? Now I see clumps of hair on my comb!!

Rishi  Vaidya   Hyderabad India

I started to thin right after my seventeen b-days. Managed to make it through college without anyone taking notice too much beside my best friend at the time who also started to thin right before me. It was kind a odd that we were good friends and started to lose it at almost the same time. I was always afraid I would take after my dad who has a clean baldness in the middle with hair all around and a few strands from left to right, I started treatment with a roller and meds shortly following my 18th b-day...very slow in the first month but I got lots of regrowth coming in now.

Paresh V Dhokal   New Delhi India

I started to notice that my hairline was slightly receding at the age of 18, right now I just turned 21, my hair has slightly thinned on the top, my hair loss has been slow, but if it keeps up people are definably going to be able to notice my hair loss.

Vaneshree Darbar   Ahmadabad Gujarat India

I started losing right around the time I hit puberty which was at age 13, don’t know if that had something to do with it, my hair was always fly away thin, needed oil or gel to even comb it into place but it has been a very slow process...really sucks I’m 21 now and with diffused thinning and it is very apparent.

Kulwantsing Johal    Chennai India

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